July 2019

We are co-organizing the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)-BHKAEC Joint Symposium on Chemistry for New Frontiers , Hong Kong, July 2019

Aug 2019

Welcome the new graduate students: Marco (Hong Kong Ph.D Fellowship), Jacquline (Hong Kong Ph.D Fellowship), Jimmy, Mingyi, Congmin and Wenqi! Farewell to Wei and Jinping. Jinping took an Associate Professor Position at Sun Yat-Sen University, …

Feb 2019

Congs on Carmen & others for their work on elucidating how RNA polymerase cleaves mis-matched nucleotides to maintain high transcription accuracy published in Nature Catalysis! This work has been highlighted by Natue, Phys.org, Technology Networks, …

Jan 2019

Congs on Jinping & others for their work on elucidating key differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic Argonaute enzyme on cleaving DNAs published in PNAS (Link to the article)! See a highlighted of this work by …

May 2018

Congs on Xiangze for winning the 2017/2018 HKUST School of Science Postgraduate Excellence Research Award!

April 2018

We are organizing the 4th Biophysics PG Symposium in Hong Kong at April 7 at HKUST, and Congs on Wei for winning the best poster award in this symposium:

May 2017

Congs on Liguo & Siqin for their work on cooperativity of hydrophobicity in collaboration with Shuhuai’s group published in Nature Communications (Link to the article)! This work was highlighted Science Daily.