Sep 2016

Welcome the new graduate students: Xiaowei, Tong, Yeqing and Sam to join the group! Farewell to Qin, Hanlun and Lingming!

Feb 2016

Congs on Peter to be promoted to be a Research Assistant Professor! Welcome Lin to join the group via the Hong Kong Scholar program (香江學者).

Jan 2016

Congs on Xuhui for winning a 6.8M Collaborative Research Fund from Hong Kong Research Grant Council on studies of RNA Polymerase II transcription!

Sep 2015

Welcome the new graduate students: Jordy and Xu, and the new postdoc Jinping to join the group! Farewell to Luming, Shuo, and Yitao!

Dec 2014

Our work on hIAPP(JACS, 135, 16092, (2013)) was highlighted by ACS Select: Protein Dynamics in Simulation and Experiment, which was designed to showcase significant articles recently published in JACS.

Nov 2014

Congs on Xuhui for receiving an early promotion to Tenured Associate Professor in Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering (effective from Jan 1, 2015)!

June 2014

Congs on Lu on her paper on photosynthesis which is just published on Nature Communications! Nature Communications, 5:4170, (2014). See Media report here